If you are unsure the definition of homerism, watch LeafsTV, you will soon figure it out. RDS has their own special version where they over-zealously fawn over players from the home province. But there’s little disagreement that NESN broadcasters are the biggest cheerleaders in all of the NHL.

It’s a time-honoured tradition for the network going back to the days of Fred Kusick and Derek Sanderson. However, current Boston play-by-play broadcaster Jack Edwards is in a league all his own. His outrageous game calls provide a warped view which is gobbled up without any filter by casual Bruins fans.

Edwards was on another planet when giving his post-Game 7 wrap-up describing the Bruins victory in revolutionary terms. Edwards lauded his idols who triumphed even “when confronted with imperious conceit.”

Watch the rant, and leave your comments.

(posted to YouTube by corlandella, Photo: NESN.com)


  1. Is Jack Edwards giving a State of the Union speech or maybe defending his doctoral dissertation rather than offering closing comments about a HOCKEY GAME? He is smug, smarmy, uses bad English and has probably never had to take or deliver a bodycheck in his life while seeing himself as defending Bruins nation from what exactly? Yikes, what a creep!!

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