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Rick Stephens

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Rick is the Editor-in-Chief, lead contributor, and owner of the All Habs network of websites. His mission is to build a community of Canadiens fans who are informed, engaged and connected. He is the vision behind all four sites within the network - All Habs, Habs Tweetup, We Are Canadiens, and The Montreal Forum - and is responsible for the design and layout of each. In concert with the strong belief that "Habs fans are everywhere!", Rick is pleased that people use All Habs as a conduit to find and connect with other Habs fans worldwide. He is also proud that Habs Tweetups have allowed fans to meet in person and develop long lasting friendships.

Andrea Gordon

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Andrea is a born and bred Montrealer who's love affair with sports began with the Montreal Expos. It quickly developed into a love of sports and the next logical step was watching the Habs. The speed is what drew her in, and *gasp* she was never a big Patrick Roy fan. Andrea has always had a passion for writing, both creative and research.


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Amy is the manager and lead contributor of the Habs Tweetup website. She is a professional voice actor and is the vocal talent behind All Habs OUT LOUD. We try to overlook her fascination with the Orange & Black and take solace that she is almost equally passionate about the Canadiens. Her favourite NHL player is Martin Biron. When she's not watching hockey or traveling to a Habs Tweetup, Amy can be found watching other sports like football, baseball, and tennis. She also enjoys reading, watching movies, gardening, and performing as a bellydancer.

Blake Bennett

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Blake lives and writes just outside of Toronto. After earning his degree in English Language and Literature from Queen's University in 2013, he's thrilled to combine his writing compulsion with his love of the Habs. His inability to skate shouldn't detract from the integrity of his work, but it seems to invalidate a lot of his hockey arguments with his dad and brother.

Blain Potvin

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A born and raised Habs fan from Sudbury On that calls Nova Scotia home now. Have lived all across Canada over the last 22+ years as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces as a Weapons Engineering Technician. His love of La Sainte Flanelle is matched only by his love for his wife and children and not far behind that is his love of Caramel Corn

Corey Desormeaux

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Corey fell in love with the Montreal Canadiens at a young age. Born and raised in Ottawa, ON, he's made the 2 hour drive to Montreal several times to see his favourite squad play. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations from Carleton University. This, coupled with his extensive experience in strategic communications and social media brings a unique dynamic to sports writing. He's had a beard since the young age of about 7 and is easily won over with food...preferably grilled cheese sandwiches.

Chris G

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Chris G is a Montrealer and has been a Habs fan all of his life. He hosts the Habs360 podcast every Saturday at 2pm ET during the hockey season. Follow him on Twitter @chrisg1980 and for more information on the podcast follow @Habs360

Christopher Nardella

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Christopher goes on CFMB 1280 AM's Hockey Fever at 1:40 every Tuesday. Every year around playoff time, a shrine is built in his bathroom that is comprised of a Habs jersey, t-shirt, a mini replica Stanley Cup and whatever his family and he feels like placing on there that is Habs related. Christopher is also the Editor-in-Chief at

Danielle LeCavalier

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Danielle possède plus de 15 années d'expérience comme pigiste dans le domaine de la traduction. Grâce à une clientèle aussi diverse que fidèle, elle a acquis au fil des ans une expérience variée, que ce soit auprès d'entreprises privées, d'agences de communication, d'entreprises reliées au sport, à l'éducation, à la construction, etc. Traductrice/réviseure dynamique, elle a eu le privilège de traduire pour le site officiel des Jeux Olympiques de Londres et a collaboré à la traduction d'un livre sur les 100 ans du CH. Son équipe préférée a toujours été le Canadien de Montréal et elle adore le hockey en général.

Erica T

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Long story short: After two decades of not really understanding it, Erica (aka Rookie) gave in to one of the best things about being a Montrealer: the Canadiens. She'd been a rabid TV fan for years before, which explains why she might on occasion compare hockey to TV. Hockey fans and TV fans are from two different worlds. It's an interesting line to walk, but Rookie's trying to give you the best of both worlds.

Virginie Forest

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Virginie is a Video Editor/Producer for Genetically engineered to love and cheer for the Montreal Canadiens, she is a major Hockey Fan and cannot wait to hear « THE CANADIENS WIN THE STANLEY CUP » for the 25th time in history! After years of studying production and editing, her goal (pun intended!) is to work in the Video Department of a professional Hockey Team. Her favorite player is the very all-around complete defenseman Kristopher Letang and her favorite team (on and off the ice) are the Pittsburgh Penguins… but don’t tell anyone around here! Other then being a Hockey Freak, she’s a TV & Movie Lover, a Music Breather and a Pathological Dreamer…

Isabella Rheault

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Ancienne joueuse de tennis maintenant descriptrice amateure and writer for all_habs#canadiens A du caractere de l'energie à revendre ,est tres passionnée pour tous ce qui figure dans mes intérêts et qui aime tous les sports!#play by play #everyday

John Crouch

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I am a fine art, sports, and event photographer. I specialize in shooting ice hockey at all levels. I shoot both nationally and internationally including preps, juniors, college (ECAC), USA Hockey events, OHL, IIHF events, and NHL. I provide promotional photographs for hockey players, teams, and organizations. I also provide photographs for multiple national and international media outlets. My portfolio includes additional work with motor sports (e.g., NASCAR, IMSA, etc.) and nautical events (e.g., Volvo Ocean Race, NFIR, etc.).

Jessica Landry

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Jessica is an 18 year old born and raised in Montreal. Die hard Habs fan; she was born with the CH in her heart and she will die a Habs fan. Her life revolves around hockey. She loves to travel, mostly when it's hockey related.

Jordan Lambe

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Jordan is a small town guy from rural Newfoundland and has a huge passion for the game of hockey in general. He follows the Habs predominately, but also spends his spare time tracking the progress of the prospects in the Canadiens' system and watching junior hockey. His passion for the game extends beyond watching, as he also plays regularly in a mens league. He finds the unknown intriguing, and this tends to be the reason why he follows the junior ranks so closely and try to predict various players' career path.

Marc Lescoutre

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A life-long Canadiens fan, Marc is the Producer and co-host of the Habs Banter Video Podcast on All Habs. Born in Kingston, Ontario, Marc grew up all over Canada with a stint in Belgium as a military brat. He completed his degree at Carleton University, and continues to live in enemy territory in Ottawa, where he works in communications and consumes way more pizza than anyone should.

Michael Ham-Fan

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Lien vers mes articles en français : -------------------Michael is a Staff Writer for All Habs Magazine. He completed a bachelor's degree in Psychology at the Université de Montréal and is now doing his Masters' degree at the Université de Sherbrooke in Clinical Sciences. Michael has been a hockey fan and a Habs fans pretty much all his life, so for the last two decades and a half. He was born in Montreal to a Chinese mother and a Honduran-Chinese father, so he is fluent in French, English and Cantonese. He understands Spanish and Mandarin but not enough to speak it. His objective in writing is to give information and to give his opinion. At no point will he try to act as an expert on the subject. Michael is humbled to be able to write on hockey and that has always been a dream for him. He attends a lot of hockey games and practices during the year (Habs, Juniors etc.) and when he is not at the game, he is watching them at home, so he will base his opinion a lot on what he has actually seen rather than what he has heard. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael est un chroniqueur pour Le Magazine All Habs. Il a complété un baccalauréat spécialisé en Psychologie à l'Université de Montréal et il est maintenant, à sa première année en maîtrise en Sciences Cliniques à l'Université de Sherbrooke. Michael a été un amateur de hockey et un partisan des Canadiens depuis les vingt-cinq dernières années. Il parle quotidiennement en français, en anglais et en cantonais. Il comprend aussi l'espagnol et le mandarin sans être très fluide. Michael a appris que la modestie et le respect étaient deux valeurs nécessaires dans la vie. Son approche pour écrire des articles est de donner son opinion basée sur de l'information concrète. Son but n'est surtout pas de se prendre pour un expert. Il assiste très souvent à des matchs de hockey (Canadiens, Juniors, etc.) et lorsqu'il n'est pas dans les estrades, il les regarde chez lui. Donc, son opinion sera basée sur ce qu'il aura vu, plus que ce qu'il aurait entendu. Donc, ses articles ne seront jamais écrits sous le point de vue d'un expert, mais bien celui d'un amateur qui veut susciter la discussion avec ses pairs.

Rabita Naqvi

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Just your average die hard Montreal Canadiens fan, who was raised in Toronto (GTA). She's a second year communications student at McMaster University, involved in photography and media relations. Photography is her passion, hobby and outlet to everything. She love to capture each precious moment from her iPhone to her Canon DSLR. She's previously done sports photography in high school and is now actively participating in the photo club at Mac! Currently a photojournalist for All Habs where she photograph practices and morning skates for the Hamilton Bulldogs.


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A Habs fan since 1992, not long after arriving in Montreal, to be awed by the team, city and country. Walking by the old Forum and attending a few matches were more than enough. Fate had him move into enemy territory (Toronto). He got his Physics degree but he eventually settled into computer-related work.


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Rovena é brasileira e carrega Montréal e o Canadiens no coração desde os nove anos. Abriu mão do seu sono para acompanhar todos os jogos ao vivo. Não vê a hora de voltar e finalmente assistir a um jogo no Centre Bell. Ainda hoje confunde as línguas.

Taylor McIlwaine

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Taylor is a multi-platform content producer who recently graduated from Ryerson University, earning her Bachelor's Degree in Media Production from the RTA School of Media with double minor in Journalism and English.

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