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All Habs Hockey Magazine

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Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

Rick Stephens

Senior Editors

Amy Johnson

Managing Editor

Corey Desormeaux

Digital Radio Producer

Chris G.

Video Producers / Editors

Amy Johnson

Staff Writers

Caitlyn Golem – Fan Focus

Michael Ham-Fan – Features

Jordan Lambe – Game Day

Christopher Nardella – Headlines

Daemon Parent – Headlines

Ty Prater – Weekly Forecast

Erica Taddeo – Fan Focus


Ainsley Smith – Features

Geoff Crawley – Outside Perspective

Contributing Photographers

John Crouch

Amy Johnson

Rabita Navqi

Pablo Ortiz

Julia Holman-Price

Social Media / Fan Engagement Specialists

Brittany Freitas – Pinterest

Kayla Paradiso – Twitter

Matt Smith – Twitter


Danielle Lecavalier

Rovena Naumann

Ivka Fojtikova

Technical Support Specialist

Reza Ghaemi

IceCaps Hockey Report

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Lead Correspondent (IceCaps)

Amy Johnson

Lead Correspondent (Beast)



Julia Holman-Price – St. John’s IceCaps

Rabita Naqvi – Brampton Beast

Le Magazine All Habs


Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

Rick Stephens

Managing Editor

Michael Ham-Fan


Laurence Beaulieu

Pierrick Cusson

Isabella Klea

Shana Saliba

Social Media Specialists

Laurence Beaulieu – Facebook

Pierrick Cusson – Facebook

Shana Saliba – Facebook

Fantomes du Forum


Forum Administrators

 J.F. Lacombe





Pascal Vincent

All Habs Brasil / All Hockey Brasil

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Associate Editor

Rovena Naumann

Social Media Specialist

Bianca Benevides – Twitter

The Czech List

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Writer / Translator

Ivka Fojtikova

All Habs Espanol




Fantasy Sports



Brian Clarke

The Montreal Forum

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Forum Administrator

Reza Ghaemi



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