Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Saturday February 11, 2012  7:30 pm.

CURITIBA, BRAZIL — Puck the Bunny appears on predicting outcomes of games from his home in the beautiful country of Brazil. Yes, an exotic prognosticating bunny! Today he picks the winner of Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs.

While most fans are willing to look ahead to the Habs getting a good draft placement, Puck hasn’t lost hope.  With three wins in a row, he is excited to see the players fighting so hard for a playoff spot.

Puck was up early today, very early.  He was jumping on his human’s bed and pulling her hair to get the day started.  He is extra excited for the game to start.

Maybe that’s why his prediction today was one of the quickest ever.

But who did Puck choose today? Watch!  By the way, Puck’s record stands at an impressive 16-7-3!

Don’t forget to follow @HabsPuckBunny on Twitter.  Puck is grateful for his more than 200 followers!  Be sure to follow @All_Habs and @AllHabsBrasil as well!

Puck the Bunny tem um importante trabalho. Ele trabalha para o a função de prever resultados de jogos — hoje ele escolherá o vencedor do jogo Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs.

Quem ele irá escolher? Assista e descubra!

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