Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Saturday January 21, 2012  7:00 pm.

CURITIBA, BRAZIL — Puck the Bunny appears on predicting outcomes of games from his home in the beautiful country of Brazil. Yes, an exotic prognosticating bunny! Today he picks the winner of Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs.

Sometimes Puck gets accused of being a homer.  He admits that he is a Habs fan and sometimes that can affect his predictions. But not last night.

The Canadiens should have won the game just as Puck predicted.  Montreal twice had two-goal leads.

Puck is disappointed with the team’s attitude, both players and coaches.  P.K. Subban was reckless on the ice and was disrespectful to the coach.  Randy Cunneyworth made a dumb choice by picking Scott Gomez for the shootout.

Puck was happy to see goals by Max Pacioretty, Lars Eller, Erik Cole and even a power-play goal by Andrei Kostitsyn.  That kind of effort should have been enough for a victory.  But the minds of the players are in a strange place right now — they need to start thinking like winners. Maybe Mike Cammalleri was right.

The playoffs are now out of reach for the Canadiens.  So the team should play well for the fans — they deserve it!  If in Brazil, fans would burn photos of the players in front of the stadium or they have been known to wave money.  The message is: ‘You only care about money, not the team.’

But in Montreal, fans take to the streets to protest a stupid issue like language.  Brazilians love soccer as much as Canadians love hockey.  So Puck doesn’t understand the attitude of the fans either.  It doesn’t make sense.

If Puck owned the team, Pierre Gauthier would already be fired.  He would shake up the roster too.  The team needs a re-design with more emphasis on the development of young players.  Keep key players and get rid of the remaining dead weight.

Maybe the Habs needed to lose like this to remind themselves that living on past glories is not good enough.

Puck really thought that the Habs would kick the Pens butt — that’s why he did the nose check on the penguin.  Bad decisions, bad attitude and the Canadiens lost in a shootout.  Puck’s record is now 11-4-3.

Who did Puck choose today? Watch!

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Puck the Bunny tem um importante trabalho. Ele trabalha para o a função de prever resultados de jogos — hoje ele escolherá o vencedor do jogo Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs.

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