Montreal Canadiens vs New Jersey Devils

Thursday February 2, 2012  7:00 pm.

CURITIBA, BRAZIL — Puck the Bunny appears on predicting outcomes of games from his home in the beautiful country of Brazil. Yes, an exotic prognosticating bunny! Today he picks the winner of Montreal Canadiens vs New Jersey Devils.

Happy Groundhog Day to all the humans!  Punxsutawney Phil says six more weeks of winter.  Wiarton Willie sees an early Spring.  Puck thinks that the groundhogs are confused — humans should only listen to bunnies for predictions.

Puck has been in a better mood these days.  His bath washed away the dirt and any bad behaviour it seems.  Every morning at 6 am. he has been waking up his human by gently putting his paws in her face.

There was only one time this week that Puck was grumpy, and that was after the game with the Sabres.  Puck wasn’t very happy with what Paul Gaustad said to Max Pacioretty.  Puck became a little angry and beat up his moose friend.

Puck doesn’t like when his team lets him down.  His record is now 14-5-3!

Today was one of the quickest predictions ever.  Who did Puck choose today? Watch!

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Puck the Bunny tem um importante trabalho. Ele trabalha para o a função de prever resultados de jogos — hoje ele escolherá o vencedor do jogo Montreal Canadiens vs  New Jersey Devils.

Quem ele irá escolher? Assista e descubra!