by Chris G, Digital Radio Producer, All Habs Hockey Magazine

LAVAL, QC. — On Saturday night, the National Hockey League announced the results of the draft lottery. The lottery determines the draft order of the 15 teams that didn’t clinch a playoff spot.

  1. Buffalo Sabres
  2. Carolina Hurricanes
  3. Montreal Canadiens
  4. Ottawa Senators
  5. Arizona Coyotes
  6. Detroit Red Wings
  7. Vancouver Canucks
  8. Chicago Blackhawks
  9. New York Rangers
  10. Edmonton Oilers
  11. New York Islanders
  12. New York Islanders (from Calgary)
  13. Dallas Stars
  14. Philadelphia Flyers (from St. Louis)
  15. Florida Panthers

The NHL Draft will be held in Dallas on June 22-23.