Tips to make the most of online hockey betting in Canada

If you are a Canadian resident who bets regularly on hockey games online, you’d know that majority of the online bookies offer odds on both underdogs as well as the favourites. Most of these sports betting websites (targeted at Canadians) show money line odds for the NHL games (as is expected from sportsbooks in North America), which are basically about the amount you must bet in order to win $ 100. Let’s acquaint you with some effective tips you can use to make the most of such online hockey bets in Canada.

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Understand the odds

Let’s say you wish to back Montréal in a Stanley cup game where they are being offered at -200. It’s a kind of odds-on bet wherein you must bet $ 200 to win back $ 100. On the other hand, if Toronto is being offered at +250 in an NFL game, it means that you’d need to bet $ 100 to win $ 250 (if they indeed win that game)

Open multiple accounts and shop for the best odds

Carry out some research on online bookmakers and you’ll discover that they differ greatly in terms of their offers, markets and odds. Hence, it becomes very important to open multiple accounts with various online bookies, and use them to your best advantage. However, please remember to note down the login details of each one of those accounts somewhere.

Compare the offered odds well in advance

As against the commonly held perception you don’t necessarily need to open accounts with multiple bookmakers to compare their odds. There are many efficient odds comparison websites on the Internet that will compile the odds offered by popular bookmakers, on all kinds of markets. Please note, it’s important to select your market very carefully and then hunt for the best value. You might find a huge difference in the point spreads offered by different bookmakers, and it’s mostly about the manner in which they prepare their books. Eventually, you must go with the odds that hold the best value for you.

Make use of the bonuses

Unlike online casinos, sports books aren’t well-known for huge welcome bonuses. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot find decent offers at these bookmakers. You can always avail a few handy bucks to punt with by signing up and depositing small amounts with these bookmakers. Many of these online bookmaking sites offer better odds, refer-a-friend bonuses and attractive cashback offers.

Place your bets early

One of the best ways to find maximum value in your hockey bets is by taking the early odds. The ante-post odds can change pretty wildly depending on injuries, form and/or unforeseen circumstances. It would be best if you select your markets and place your bets at least a month in advance.