James Dunn (Photo by Tom Morrison / Postmedia Network)

James Dunn: The rising star of Canada’s Para hockey team

The Canadian team kicked off the season with a blast with 17-0 score line against the Sweden, and another sweeping score of 10-0 against Italy. In an interview, which was conducted shortly after the match against Italy, Ken Babey, the Canadian team’s coach, confessed that he was surprised at his team’s victory.

Further, he added that players like James Dunn, Ben Delaney and Dominic Cozzolino were major contributors to the win against the Italian team, and the game sense exhibited by these players contributed to a near-perfect match that was needed in order to beat the belligerent Italians.

Bringing in a Crucial Audience

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Post the historic victory against Italy and Sweden, it is fair to conclude that the Canadian team is following a balanced approach, with each player contributing significantly to the final result.

Dunn: The Rising Star

Like most legendary players, even Dunn has had his fair share of tragic events. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 10, and as part of his treatment he had a part of his leg amputated back in 2012. While Dunn was the still undergoing recovery his then friend and now teammate, Tyler McGregor, introduced him to para ice-hockey and the rest as they say is history.

At the age of 17, Dunn is the youngest and the most dynamic player on the Canadian Paralympic team, and is part of the squad participating in the winter games at Pyeonchang, Even as per the members of other teams, the enthusiasm that Dunn brings to the table is unparalleled, and forms a crucial component of the team’s capability to put points on the board. Babey believes in continuous motivation, and following Dunn’s exceptional performance, he was quick to credit his puck-handling and the ability to persevere in the face of adversity.

A close friendship

McGregor, the returning medalist from previous Paralympic Games, is amazed by the extent of progress that Dunn has made in an incredibly short span of time. The cancer survivor is proud of the performance exhibited by Dunn in the first two games, and is confident that the rising star will bring several laurels to Canada in the future.

Reciprocating the respect and love that McGregor has for him, Dunn confessed that had it not been for McGregor he would not have participated in the Pyeonchang games, which began with an upbeat and colourful opening ceremony.  Experts believe that while Dunn is dynamic in his approach, McGregor significantly influences the game sense that his protégée carries. Dunn’s ability to stay calm in high pressure situations was proven by the first two goals that he scored against the Italian team, his ability to maintain a calm façade in intense games is just the right mix that sets him apart from his contemporaries.  

On the whole, it is evident from the stellar performance exhibited by Dunn and his teammates that the Canadian para hockey team will continue to shine at the international level for several years to come.