All Habs Headlines: Friday September 4, 2015

On this day in hockey history 1946 — Clarence Campbell became president of the NHL. 1979 — Bernie Geoffrion was named new coach of the Canadiens, replacing Scotty Bowman. 1999 — The Calgary Flames acquired longtime Oiler goaltender Grant Fuhr.
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Sylvain Lefebvre (Photo by St. John’s IceCaps)

► No Desharnais?

  • In it’s continuing series of announcements prior to the launch of NHL 16, EA Sports revealed its top-10 centres. At the top of the list are Sidney Crosby (96), Jonathan Toews (94), Steven Stamkos (93), Pavel Datsyuk (93), and John Tavares (92). The Canadiens’ David Desharnais did not make the top-10.
  • From previous announcements, Carey Price is NHL 16’s top goaltender, Max Pacioretty was ranked the fifth best left-winger and P.K. Subban is considered the sixth best defenseman in the game.


► Lefebvre ready for a fresh start with St. John’s

  • Sylvan Lefebvre has had his fair share of detractors throughout his career with the Canadiens organization but he’s ready for a fresh start with a revamped Ice Caps squad. Lefebvre has a record of 96-105-27 with the Canadiens AHL affiliate and his teams have missed the playoffs each of the three seasons he has served as head coach.
  • “I don’t know who’s going to stay with us, but in terms of forwards, that’s the biggest difference,” pointed out Lefebvre in interview with Lapresse. “In my first season, it was mostly the defencemen with Greg Pateryn, Nathan Beaulieu, Jarred Tinordi and Morgan Ellis. This season we’ve only had one defenceman out of junior and that’s Brett Lernout, just like Zachary Fucale as a goaltender.”
  • “I’m anxious to see the new guys start their professional careers (Nikita) Scherbak, (Mike) McCarron, (Tim) Bozon, (Mark) McMillan that I don’t know. I’m also curious to see how Lernout’s going to do.”
  • The AHL is supposed to help develop and transition players into NHLers, that’s a practice Lefebvre preaches “We use the same 5-on-5 system to facilitate the players’ transition when they are recalled by the Canadiens.”
  • Development is obviously a huge part of the AHL and in the Ice Caps’ head coach’s mind that supercedes winning, “My primary goal is to develop young players and subsequently help the Canadiens win games. Evidently we all want to win, we’re all competitive, but taking away ice time from young players in exchange for veterans isn’t a question. Our young players have to play. Putting young players [in important situations] is important. It gives them good values”

► Life is good for the Dutch Gretzky

  • Canadiens forward Dale Weise has had quite the summer including purchasing a new home in Winnipeg and welcoming a new member into the family.
  • Dale’s son Hunter got a baby sister on June 10th, Jordanna is the second fourth member of the Weise household.
  • “I think every guy wants a little boy, that son to play hockey with and stuff like that – which he already does quite a bit. But, having a girl is such a different feeling. I’m pretty excited to have one of each. It’s pretty cool,” Weise told “We were actually doing a walk-through of our new house when Lauren [his wife] went into labor. I guess that was a good sign we were in a right spot.”
  • “She’s got some pipes on her. When she first came home, you could probably hear her all the way down the block. But, she’s starting to get a little better now. It’s all part of it. I know what to expect this time.”
  • Weise touched upon his offseason workouts saying, “I’d say I got back to work pretty quickly. I got home a few days after the season came to an end, and I was probably back in the gym on June 1st. I was pretty healthy throughout the year, so I just wanted to maintain and keep my strength up. I wanted to get back at it right away. I think as I get older, I’m getting smarter with the way I train. It’s all about being able to move.”
  • “When you put the work in and you dedicate yourself over the summer, I think that good things are going to happen for you. The quote – ‘Success happens when preparation meets opportunity’ – really stands out to me. I’m extremely proud of the stats I had last year.”
  • The Manitoba native is optimistic for this season, “I believe that the points are going to come. Individually, this is a big year for me. I’m just hoping to build on what I did last year”

► Subban pleased with the Canadiens’ offseason

  • P.K. Subban was in Toronto recently doing an event and RDS caught up with the eldest Subban brother.
  • “If they need me to play five minutes a game or 40 minutes a game, that’s what you’re going to need to do to win a championship and I think everybody should have the same mentality, whether it’s myself, Carey (Price), Max (Pacioretty), anybody like that down to third and fourth line guys, we need to buy into whatever it is we have to do to win a championship.”
  • The two-time Norris Trophy finalist on the re-signing of Jeff Petry “There was definitely a lobbying going on for him to be back on our team and be a part of it, I know personally I’m excited to know that he’s back on the back end he helped us some much down the stretch, he’s got a lot of youth, a lot of good looks, smart handsome, I mean what else more do you want?”
  • Subban also spoke about the acquisition of Alex Semin, “I think he’s a pretty good looking guy I think he’s going to blend in well with our team, we got a pretty good looking group.”
  • “He’s going to help our team, his potential in this league is sky high and he’ll have a great opportunity here to play and we need him, that’s what it comes down to, we need him.”

► Rookie Camp

  • The Canadiens invited 26 players to their rookie camp that will take place from the 11th to the 16th of September. You can find the complete list of players invited to camp here and read an introduction to each player here.
  • The Canadiens will also be going to the rookie tournament in London, Ontario that will be from the 11th to the 13th. All Habs Hockey Magazine will be onsite keeping you informed on everything that will be going on. Their first game will be on the 11th versus Pittsburgh. You can find a guide the the tournament here.

► You’re all invited!

  • The Canadiens announced that they will be holding their third annual Red vs. White scrimmage at the Bell Centre this year. The game will be held at 1 pm. on September 20th.
  • In exchange for a five dollar donation to the Canadian Tire Jumpstart charities, you will receive a voucher for a pair of tickets to the event. Each person will also receive a hot dog and a bag of chips along with either a soft drink or a bottle of water.
  • You will be able to purchase vouchers at your local Canadian Tire’s starting at 9 am. on the fourth of September.

► Earlier deadline

  • According to Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports, the 2016 NHL trade deadline will be two days earlier this year falling on February 29th at 3 PM Eastern time. The deadline was on March 2nd this past season.
  • Six games are scheduled for the leap year day.

► Vasilevskiy sidelined

  • The Tampa Bay Lightning announced that they will be without goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy for two or three months as he recovers from surgery to remove a blood clot near his collarbone.
  • The 21-year-old played 16 regular season games in 2014-15, sporting a record of 7-5-1 with a .918 save percentage and 2.36 goals-against average.

► New look for Isles

  • It appears that the New York Islanders will have a black alternate jersey to mark their first year in Brooklyn.  It is being reported that in addition to being black, the jersey will feature a modified logo: a simple NY on a hockey stick. The four pieces of orange tape are said to symbolize the Islanders four Stanley Cup championships.


► Hanging up his skates

  • Former New Jersey Devils captain Bryce Salvador announced his retirement for the NHL on this week and he said his final goodbye through the Players Tribune.
  • He cited a story that happened back in 2010 when he got a slap shot to the face and thought his career was over. He said that he was hit by the slapshot, felt the puck hit his face then could only see blurry red jerseys and only hear “high-pitched ringing.” He played the next game and his ears continued ringing for months. He also spoke about how the subsequent loss of depth perception, balance and many other side effects to what he finally found out was a concussion.
  • Salvador played in the NHL for 13 seasons, won one Stanley Cup and went to another Stanley Cup final. He had 24 goals and 110 points in 786 career regular season games and had seven goals and 18 points in 74 career regular season games.

► Kane gets a Billboard

  • Despite the fiasco surrounding his namesake Evander Kane is a romantic.
  • He won back his girlfriend Mia Teigen by buying a billboard add on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, a very popular part of California. This stunt any tête-a-tête the couple had.


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