All Habs Headlines: Thursday August 13, 2015

On this day in hockey history 1949 — Hall of Famer Bobby Clarke born in Flin Flon, Manitoba.  2000 — Los Angeles Kings signed free agent defenseman Mathieu Schneider.
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Brendan Gallagher hosts charity softball to benefit Shriners Hospital for Children.

► Therrien excited for the upcoming season

  • Canadiens coach Michel Therrien held his annual charity golf tournament on Tuesday. Lars Eller and David Desharnais were the only current Canadiens players who attended. Even though the tournament was rained out it still raised $226K for the Canadiens foundation which is $46 K more than the last two years combined, according to Arpon Basu of
  • On all his NHL roster resigning with the team: “Ya I’m really happy all our players could sign emir contracts already at this time of the year, that’s really good. That we could resign guys like (Jeff) Petry who was going to be a free agent, (Torrey) Mitchell who we went and got near the end of the year, for me it says a lot about the way we do things here with the Canadiens, guys who we acquired in the middle of the season when the have the option to leave. I think players appreciate playing for the organization, and the players we got appreciate the chemistry.”
  • On Alex Semin: “Well it’s a nice challenge (he said with a grin) that’s how I see it, he’s a guy with a lot of potential, it’s an opportunity for him to bring himself back to where we think he can play, he I think he knows he can play, we will give him an opportunity but he’s a guy we were missing on our team, he’s a guy who can score, a guy who can make plays.”
  • On Semin potentially playing in the top-6: “He’s a guy who’s proven through this career that he can produce offensively whether it was with Washington or his beginning with Carolina. We are prepared to give him that opportunity and at the same time it’s an opportunity for him, I thinks it’s a win-win situation for both sides.”
  • On Alex Galchenyuk: “I saw Alex is summer in Florida, he spends his summers in Miami, the draft was there, so I went to have lunch with him and we had a good conversation. I like at sometimes meeting players in a context outside of hockey.”
  • On his style of coaching: “People have the right to their opinion, we play an aggressive, responsible style that’s how we see it. Our first goal is to win games, to watch players develop […] I really like the path the team has taken these past three years. […] People like to critique our offense but we only score 10 less goals in the regular season than the Stanley Cup champions the Chicago Blackhawks, over an 82 season that’s not much.”

► Young guns love Montreal

  • Brendan Gallagher and Nathan Beaulieu were on TSN 1040 discussing the Montreal Canadiens with Don “Donnie” Taylor and Bob “The Moj” Marjanovich.
  • Gallagher on playing in Montreal: “Its pretty special and I think we still get jitters stepping into the ice for the first game of the season and then it ramps up to another level come playoff time and I would encourage anyone to go out there and take in one of those games, it’s still pretty special for us, we’ve been involved in a few of them now.”
  • Gallagher on hockey in Montreal: “It’s another level. I don’t think you can compare any franchise in the NHL to Montreal. First of all, with the history and tradition that comes with it, but at the same time the passion of the fans. If we lose, they’re depressed, they feel it with us. If we win, they’re celebrating on the streets and everywhere you go they’re supporting you along the way. We’re pretty fortunate to get the chance to put on the Montreal Canadiens sweater and it comes with a lot of responsibility as well, with all the great players who have played before us.”
  • Beaulieu on hockey in Montreal: “Like [Gallagher] said the streets are packed before and after every game, when we lose, they lose too and they back us up when we win as well. The city just has another level when it comes to hockey and they’re so passionate.”
  • Beaulieu on how to get away from hockey in Montreal: “Well I guess you just stay in your apartment [laughs]. Being young in that city you just want to soak that all in that’s what I’ve always been told. […] if you’re walking down the street and people recognize you and want your autograph that’s something that will not always be there.”
  • Gallagher on expectations for the team: “You can’t get too carried away and set goals too far away, you got to take time, really have a simple mindset […] like any team, like any player in the league the goal is to win the Stanley Cup.”

Pacioretty progressing well

  • When Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty went down a couple weeks ago there was a collective stroke that blanketed Habs nation and it seems as though the former Michigan Wolverine is progressing just as expected just under a month away from training camp.
  • “Everything’s going well with his rehab, honestly, so we’re happy,” Said head coach Michel Therrien “It’s unfortunate [he got injured], but he’s still able to train even if he’s limited in the exercises he can do.” He went on to say “Max has always surprised us with his ability to return a little bit earlier than scheduled, but right now everything’s going well, he’s recovering well, and that’s good news.”
  • Pacioretty’s agent, Pat Brisson, also had encouraging words to say on his underpaid client “He progressing very well and he’s going in the right direction, it’s August 11, one month in and he’s going in the right direction.”
  • Pacioretty is known for his superhuman-like rehabilitation most notably coming back with a 33 goal, 65 point campaign in 2011-12 after suffering a fractured vertebrae and a severe concussion when violently driven into a stanchion by the Bruins Zdeno Chara.
  • In 2013 the New Caanan, Connecticut native had an appendectomy and played in a game eight days later, 20 days before his suggested recovery time.

Molson responds to critics

  • Canadiens fans were met with the displeasure of an increase of ticket prices earlier in August and Canadiens owner Geoff Molson was questioned at the charity golf tournament on the subject.
  • “It’s been several years that we have not taken a (significant) price increase (in the upper bowl) … and the market dictated that it was time for us to do that, we’re still pretty proud of the fact that we have thousands of tickets that are under $60 that are offered to our fans. And there aren’t very many arenas […] sold-out arenas in North America that can offer that.”
  • According to a local newspaper, one season ticket holder claimed that his bill tallied $4,002.77, a $774.90 increase from last season.

► Kane off the NHL 16 cover

  • There have been a lot of rumours surrounding Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks and EA Sports has taken it upon itself to remove the Stanley Cup champion off the cover of NHL 16.
  • EA Sports also offered this official statement: “In light of the ongoing investigation involving Patrick Kane, he will no longer be a spokesperson for the launch of EA SPORTS NHL 16. He will not appear on the EA SPORTS NHL 16 cover, nor participate in other EA SPORTS NHL 16 promotional activities.”

► The Ducks go old school

  • The Anaheim Ducks will be going back to their roots by bringing back the “Mighty Ducks of Anaheim” logo which they broke into the league wearing.
  • The only variation between their first uniform and the one Ducks players will be donning come October 16th will be the colour scheme of Orange, Brown and Gold that they have on the current jerseys.
  • The Colorado Avalanche are rumoured to unveil a new third jersey for 2015-16 as well.

► Price engraved forever

  • The Montreal Canadiens made an awesome video showing the process that it took to engrave Carey Price’s name four times on the marble wall which shows all the individual trophies the Canadiens have won.
  • Before Price, the most recent player to have their name inscribed on the wall was P.K. Subban when he James Norris Memorial Trophy in 2013.

► Nords gear already?

  • Seems that the Quebec Nordiques are already part of the Canadian collection for NHL licensed gear.

► Colourful Matthews

  • Auston Matthews, the projected No. 1 pick for the 2016 NHL Entry Draft surprised the hockey world by choosing to sign with the ZSC Lions of the National League A in Switzerland for this coming season.
  • He took to the ice for the first time to practice with his new team.

Diamond in the rough?

  • All Habs Hockey Magazine editor-in chief Rick Stephens takes a look at Canadiens prospect Lukas Vejdemo and if Trevor Timmins has found another hidden gem. The piece includes an exclusive interview by Amy Johnson.

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