All Habs Headlines: Saturday October 28, 2017

On this day in hockey history

1978— Bobby Orr, playing for Chicago, scored the final goal of his amazing NHL career, as the Black Hawks lost 7-2 at Detroit.

2003 — The Colorado Avalanche retired Patrick Roy’s No. 33 sweater number in a pregame ceremony, and went on to win 4-2 over the Flames.

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Martin Reway (Photo by Amy Johnson | © Rocket Sports Media) Mandatory Credit Required

►  Lines at practice

Lehkonen – Drouin – Byron
Pacioretty – Danault – Shaw
Hudon – Plekanec – Gallagher
Galchenyuk – McCarron/De La Rose – Mitchell

Mete – Weber
Alzner – Benn
Davidson/Morrow – Petry


  • Nikita Scherbak is out with a lower body injury

New way for Reway

  • Martin Reway and the Canadiens have decided to have some time apart with both sides considering whether the 22-year-old will continue on with the Laval Rocket.
  • After missing all of last season due to an infection of the heart the hope was he could return to form.
  • Reway’s lack of conditioning was apparent during training camp.
  • So far this season, he has appeared in five of Laval’s nine games recording two assists and a minus-5 rating.

 Czech-ed out

  • Ales Hemsky was forced to leave Friday’s 6-2 loss to the Anaheim Ducks with an upper-body injury after being on the receiving end of a pair of hard hits.
  • It has been confirmed that he is suffering from concussion-like symptoms.

Killer Instinct

  • Doug Gilmour talks of his youth, his time with the Canadiens and some current affairs
  • “I had Michel (Therrien) for a year and a half and then Claude (Julien), so it’s like déjà-vu right now. Michel was great and Claude was great.”

Bad lip reading

  • After an altercation between Andrew Shaw and Kevin Bieksa in Anaheim, a short video clip appeared on Twitter.  Despite not having audio nor the complete clip, the poster alleged that Shaw made a homophobic slur. 
  • Without investigating to confirm the allegations, several media members, including some in Montreal, slammed Shaw.
  • In a longer clip, it was abundantly clear that Shaw said “not f**king fair.”
  • The league acted quickly then released a statement, “The League thoroughly investigated this matter including interviewing Andrew Shaw, on-ice officials and relevant off-ice officials. We are completely satisfied that Andrew Shaw did not say the homophobic slur that has been alleged.”
  • Despite falsely accusing Shaw, there was dearth of apologies by the media. Some simply deleted tweets as if it never happened, some issues half apologies while others became combative..
  • Integrity and getting a serious story like this right matters. 

► Going for Gold

  • Several former Canadiens join Canada’s national program for early season tournaments as a pathway to the Olympic roster.

Mete Grinder

  • With the nine-game mark come and gone Victor Mete has been given the green light to find accommodations in Montreal by Marc Bergevin.
  • Playing an average of 19:49 over that span, it is safe to assume that Mete (and Mom) will remain until the next milestone, the 40-game mark.

 Galchenyuk targeted

  • NHLPA hockey agent Dan Milstein alleged that Montreal coach Claude Julien has a problem with Russian hockey players.
  • Alex Galchenyuk isn’t a problem but coach is. Has never successfully coached Russian. Took midseason most-Russian club. All but one Russian gone,” said Milstein on Twitter.
  • The agent deleted his tweet but is now under investigation.  Galchenyuk is not his client.

Galchenyuk saga, part deux

  • While on 98.5 FM former Canadiens’ head coach Mario Tremblay, who may be best known for running Patrick Roy out of town, made unsubstantiated comments about Alex Galchenyuk.
  • Tremblay, who himself has had his own problems recently with a DUI charge, stated that Galchenyuk has been to rehab twice this summer.  
  • Galchenyuk responsed, “I don’t listen to the radio, I have Spotify, I have no idea what you are talking about.”
  • In his press conference, Marc Bergevin did not confirm nor deny the allegations saying only that the process was confidential. Bergevin said, “It’s strictly confidential. There could be one guy, 10 guys, no guys, it’s confidential.”
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