Jaroslav Halak didn’t have a very good world championship tournament playing for Slovakia. Halak gave up several weak goals against Canada and was eventually pulled. Halak ended the tournament with a 1-3 record, 3.17 GAA and .871 SV%.

But the ultimate insult came in a game against the Czech Republic after the Slovaks gave up their eighth goal in an 8-0 loss. Halak was struck in the head by his frustrated defenseman Tomas Surovy.

Tomas Surovy Hits Own Goalie, Jaroslav Halak in World Hockey Championship 2009


  1. Not sure if that was done on purpose but if he did…what an idiot! Don’t need teammates like that.

  2. Stupid, stupid, stupid… that player does not deserve to be on a national team. I think I would make him put the goalie’s equipment on and have him do the job!

  3. WTF? Is it at all possible that he was trying to whack the post and hit Jaro’s head instead? If I’m the coach, I’m sitting this player for the rest of the tournament. That’s some of the worst anti-team behavior I’ve ever seen. Imagine what feeding frenzy would ensue if Sean Avery did that to Lundqvist?

  4. I heard that he was trying to hit the post, but looking at it and seeing that he didn’t go over and apologize or smile or something after, I’m not so sure… it’s really awful if it was on purpose though! Poor Jaro!!

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