Marc Bergevin (Photo by TVA Sports)

MONTREAL, QC — This week’s episode (#238) of the Habs360 podcast is hosted by Chris G (@chrisg1980) and Rick (@AllHabs) LIVE on Sunday, March 4th at noon ET. Habs360 is the most informative and interactive podcast. You can reach us via telephone during the LIVE broadcast and talk Montreal Canadiens with us. You will get more than the 30 seconds you typically get on sports radio.

This week’s topics:

Segment 1:

  • Trade deadline review

Segment 2:

  • Douglas Gelevan (@DGelevan), CBC Montreal sports anchor, joins live to talk about Habs

Segment 3:

  • Question of the Week: Early indications show that Marc Bergevin will return as Habs GM next season. What can he do from now until the start of next season for you to support him?

The next episode will air LIVE on Sunday, March 11th at 1 pm ET.

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