(Photo by Joel Lemay / QMI Agency)

MONTREAL, QC — In this episode (#245) of the @Habs360 podcast, Chris G. (@chrisg1980) looks back at some of the best moments of the second half of the season.

Segment 1:

  • Jeremy Filosa (@JeremyFilosa), from 98.5FM Montreal, on Jonathan Drouin and Alex Galchenyuk playing at center, and whether the Canadiens need a President
  • Nicolas Deslauriers named Player of the Week

Segment 2:

  • Angela Price on Carey’s decision to sign contract extension
  • Douglas Gelevan (@DGelevan), from CBC Montreal, on Marc Bergevin being given a chance to rebuild team
  • Discussion on Greg PaterynAndrew Shaw incident
  • Dave Poulin (@djpoulin20), TSN Habs analyst, on strategy to retool and evaluating Claude Julien.

Segment 3:

  • John Lu (@JohnLuTSNMtl), TSN Montreal Bureau reporter, on the positives and on empty seats at Bell Centre
  • Bobby Dollas (@bobbydollas1), former NHL player, on changes in the off season, and Max Pacioretty‘s future
  • Bad tweets

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