Max Pacioretty (Photo by TVA Sports)

MONTREAL, QC — This week’s episode (#219) of the Habs360 podcast is hosted by Chris G (@chrisg1980) and Rick (@AllHabs) LIVE on Saturday, October 20th at 2 pm ET. Habs360 is the most informative and interactive podcast. You can reach us via telephone during the LIVE broadcast and talk Montreal Canadiens with us. You will get more than the 30 seconds you typically get on sports radio.

This week’s topics:

  • The Habs off to a historic bad start
  • Marc Bergevin fielding calls on Alex Galchenyuk
  • Bobby Dollas (@bobbydollas1), former NHL player, joins the show to share his comments on the Canadiens
  • The heat is on Canadiens captain, Max Pacioretty
  • Winners and Losers of the week
  • Bad tweet of the week
  • and lots more

The next episode will air LIVE on Saturday, October 27th at 2 pm ET.

Listen to this week’s episode of the Habs360 podcast in the player below.


  1. trading Chucky will only make Montreal weaker…but 4 Chucky will be best move of his career..he will shine elsewhere…as 4 Pacs..first thing is strip the C as he is horrible as a C and has disappeared too early in the season.yes he scores 30+ a year but with limited is all him or nothing…

    • How you dont have a job as an NHL GM is amazing. You must just be too busy winning all those fantasy league titles

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