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(Photo by La Presse)
(Photo by LaPresse)

MONTREAL, QC — In this episode (#177) of the @Habs360 podcast, Chris G. (@chrisg1980) looks back at some of the best moments of the season.


  • Habs360-sm-06Dave Randorf (@DaveRandorf) from Sportsnet talks about the Canadiens offense.
  • Douglas Gelevan  (@DGelevan) from CBC TV Montreal talks about the John Scott trade
  • The impact of the Jarred Tinordi trade to Marc Bergevin’s credibility with Rick Stephens (@AllHabs)
  • Tweets on Marc Bergevin ‘s weekend in St. John’s

Listen to this week’s episode of the Habs360 podcast in the player above.

The next episode will be published on Saturday, April 30th at 2pm ET.

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