(Photo by TVA Sports)

HALIFAX, NS. — This week’s episode [S1/E4] of the Habs Unfiltered podcast is hosted by Trege Wilson and Blain Potvin. Our two favorite sarcastic, goofy, sports-savvy characters from Canada’s East Coast.

Habs Unfiltered prides itself in being a show that discusses the topics that affect Habs fans.  Our Motto is: ‘If you’re talking about it, so will we.

Heard bi-weekly, the Habs Unfiltered podcast’s goal is to enlighten as well as entertain. They will cover any topic and pull no punches, especially with each other.

This week’s topics:

  • Time to Tank?
  • A discussion on the WJC and Habs prospects with our benevolent overlord, err, Editor in chief Rick Stephens
  • Let’s discuss the “System”
  • Under the Radar
  • and more

Listen to this week’s episode of the Habs Unfiltered podcast in the player below. Check back biweekly at AllHabs.net for future episodes.