Marc Bergevin, Trevor Timmins (Photo by Montreal Canadiens)

HALIFAX, NS. — This week’s episode [S1/E11] of the Habs Unfiltered podcast is hosted by Trege Wilson and Blain Potvin, our two favorite sarcastic, goofy, sports-savvy characters from Canada’s East Coast.

Habs Unfiltered prides itself in being a show that discusses the topics that affect Habs fans.  Our motto is: ‘If you’re talking about it, so will we.

Heard bi-weekly, the Habs Unfiltered podcast’s goal is to enlighten as well as entertain. They will cover any topic and pull no punches, especially with each other.

This week’s topics:

  • Draft Lottery talk
  • Special guest and Editor-in-Chief Rick Stephens joins us for a fireside chat on the Habs busy off-eason.
  • Our newest segment, Unfiltered Hot takes.
  • ‘Under the Radar’ sponsored by No Name Hockey, our favorite source of factory direct custom hockey sticks and equipment. Be sure to follow them on Twitter.

Listen to this week’s episode of the Habs Unfiltered podcast in the player below. Check back biweekly at for future episodes.