Brendan Gallagher (Photo by Eric Bolte / USA TODAY Sports)

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This week, for the Valentine’s Day special, Lewis and Gibby gave their review of the P.K. Subban return. Lewis and Gibby discussed the feud between Gallagher and Subban and what to make of it.

Speaking of feuds, the Montreal mainstream media always seem to be against the Habs. Lewis and Gibby talk about what the organization should do in order to protect their players and ways around the constant media scrutiny.

Top centre anyone? Well don’t look at the Canadiens because you won’t find one. But Lewis and Gibby role-play wearing their GM hats each putting together a package to acquire a top centre and/or a top-pairing defenseman.

“Everybody Has a Plan until they get punched in the face” is BACK! Lewis and Gibby chose the person of the week they would like to punch in the face and why they would like to do so. Tune in to see who gets the Knuckle Sandwich this week!

Weekly Sports Picks has become a fan favourite segment where Lewis and Gibby battle it out weekly to see who will be victorious at the end of the NHL season. Tune in this week to see how the two did on last weeks picks!

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