Carey Price (Photo by Gene J. Puskar / AP)

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In this week’s episode Lewis & Gibby discuss Michael McCarron, the player that just seems to have never found a permanent home in Montreal. McCarron, for some reason,  just hasn’t panned out in Habsland and Lewis and Gibby discuss their thoughts on what exactly is the issue and if his career as an NHL-er is over.

This past week, the Habs set a franchise record in two categories, one being the most games being shut out and also most losses on the road. Lewis & Gibby discuss if this potentially could be the worst Habs team we have ever seen on the ice.

With the Habs season all but over, Lewis & Gibby turn their attention over to the rest of the Canadian teams and just who they believe has the best shot at bringing the Stanley Cup north of the border. See who they believe is the top team for years to come and their reasoning behind their choices.

Lewis & Gibby modify their fan favourite segment Tweets of the week, to a segment now called “Celebrity Twitter Handles” where the two give each other famous celebrity or athletes handles to one another and the other must guess which celebrity the Twitter handle belongs to.

Weekly Sports Picks has become a fan favourite segment where Lewis and Gibby battle it out weekly to see who will be victorious at the end of the NHL season. Tune in this week to see how the two did on last weeks picks!

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