Shea Weber (Photo by TVA Sports)

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This week for the 19th Episode, Lewis and Gibby discussed the NHL All-Star game and the new format that had Carey Price not participating in the only event for goaltenders in the skills competition.

With the recent update of Shea Weber still being out another two or three weeks, the two podcasters discuss whether or not the Canadiens should take their time with Weber’s return.

The North Side of Hockey has not been the greatest over the last few seasons and with that, Lewis and Gibby discuss which Canadian team can have a turn around and bounce back from their bad season so far.

Hab A Prediction Revamped? Lewis and Gibby introduce two new segments called “Do you Hab The Answers” where Lewis gives Gibby a multiple choice question and Gibby chooses which answer suits best. Also, a new segment is “Everybody Has a Plan until they get punched in the face” which is basically what the title states…Lewis and Gibby choose the person of the week they would like to punch in the face and why they would like to do so. Tune in to see who gets the Knuckle Sandwich this week!

Weekly Sports Picks has become a fan favourite segment where Lewis and Gibby battle it out weekly to see who will be victorious at the end of the NHL season. Tune in this week to see how the two did on last weeks picks!

Check out a new episode of Hab A Listen every Wednesday, where Lewis and Gibby discuss Habs news, Habs rumours, anything Habs, and also discussing NHL league news. They have miscellaneous sports news as well, tune in and “Hab a Listen”!

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