Marc Bergevin (Photo by TVA Sports)

If you love hockey, Rocket Sports Radio has a podcast for you. Welcome to Hab A Listen with your hosts Lewis & Gibby, two high-energy, amusing podcasters who give you raw, authentic sports information.

In the introductory episode of season 3, Lewis & Gibby discuss the Pacioretty trade and Pacioretty’s new deal. The two also discuss the drama behind the Max Pacioretty and Marc Bergevin saga. Who’s lying? Who’s telling the truth? Did Max REALLY request a trade? Tune in and see what the two think about the whole situation. 

Lewis & Gibby get down to the nitty gritty with Habs Camp fast approaching. The two talk about who they believe will become a shining star from camp, who they are rooting for, and who they have high and low expectations for. Let’s Hab a Listen and see what the two have to say about Habs Training camp. 

Lewis & Gibby are going from Duo to Trio! Yes, that’s right folks Lewis & Gibby are adding the very colourful, always witty Lizzy to the podcast. We get to know who she is, what she brings to the podcast and the three discuss all the news surrounding the Habs. Let’s Welcome Lizzy into the family!

Lewis & Gibby bring back an old segment that always brought the friendly competition between the two, Weekly Sports Picks. The two battle it out all season long to see who is better at picking the winners and losers of various sports. Tune in next week to see who they picked and how their picks faired.

Check out a new episode of Hab A Listen every Wednesday, where Lewis, Gibby & Lizzy discuss Habs news, Habs rumours, anything Habs, and also discussing NHL league news. They have miscellaneous sports news as well, tune in and “Hab a Listen”!

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