Max Pacioretty (Photo by TVA Sports)

If you love hockey, Rocket Sports Radio has a podcast for you. Welcome to Hab A Listen with your hosts Lewis & Gibby, two high-energy, amusing podcasters who give you raw, authentic sports information.

With the off-season upon us, player movement is already underway. Lewis & Gibby cover some of the most recent league transactions. Let’s Hab A Listen and see what exactly the two think about all the wheeling and dealing.

Unless you are living under a rock, you are already aware that there has been plenty of Habs news. Tune in and listen to Lewis & Gibby discuss the most recent news and trade talk. 

The NHL Entry Draft has now come and gone. With that, Lewis & Gibby will review the wager on their mock drafts. Lewis & Gibby give their thoughts of the draft results that occurred in Dallas this past weekend.

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