Carey Price (Photo by CBC,ca)

Welcome to Hab A Listen, the latest podcast offering from Rocket Sports Radio!

In this week’s episode, hosts Lewis and Gibby discuss their thoughts on the NHL 100 Classic game against the Ottawa Senators and thoughts of NHL outdoor games in general.

The two give their thoughts on the scrutiny Carey Price has been receiving from fans and media with regards to his Post Ottawa interview, discuss Habs and World Juniors with Rocket Sports Media founder Rick Stephens, touch on the Weber/Subban trade….also introducing their new weekly segment called “Real Life with Lewis&Gibby” where each host gives the other host a real life situation and how they would react in set scenario given.

Weekly Sports Picks has become a fan favourite segment where Lewis and Gibby battle it out weekly to see who will be victorious at the end of the NHL season. Tune in this week to see how the two did on last weeks picks!

Check out a new episode of Hab A Listen every Wednesday, where Lewis and Gibby discuss Habs news, Habs rumours, anything Habs, and also discussing NHL league news. They have miscellaneous sports news as well, tune in and “Hab a Listen”!

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  1. [via email]

    to my dear supported and respected and trusted co-freres/co-soeurs
    de la sainte flanelle;
    want to share a little bit,with you;
    the little i may have learned along the way,
    the good ole hockey game …
    from dick irvin sr. to hector toe blake,to sam pollock,to william scotty bowman,to mr.grundman,to serge savard-carol vadnais,to andre savard,to bob gainey-pierre gauthier,(i will love/honor always;mario et peanut-i love them both,but their circumstances were somewhat limited/comprimised and litigated).
    i heard thru the whispers of the wind that we were talking about the purpose/raison-d’etre of our farm team in laval…
    a developement team in a developement league for the purpose of developing/providing players to the big club in montreal…
    this is what i may have learned along the way.
    the farm team is the foundation/cradle/berceau for the big team.yes.
    however,the goal of our farm team is to win,win and win…
    from our hamilton bulldogs,to our st.john’s ice caps,to our laval rocket and for our teams even more before them.
    the goal of each and every team is to win the championship.
    to win the calder cup.
    for the coach.
    for the teamates.
    for the fans/supporteurs.
    for the organisation.
    point a la ligne.
    if we do not have this as our mission statement then we are not developing our players as we should be…a culture of winning needs to be first…
    this is the best way to develope our players.
    point a la ligne…
    a winning culture.a winning attitude and nothing less.
    will we always win?no.
    but this will be our goal,each and every game.
    i wanted this,to share with you…
    merci/thank you,
    seasons greetings,
    happy new year 2018,
    and always wish the team(s) well,
    despite it all…
    le petitbill4,
    each and every season.
    each and every era.

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