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TORONTO, ON. — Welcome to Hab A Listen via Rocket Sports Radio. This podcast featured on All Habs Hockey Magazine provides listeners with raw, authentic sports information.

Hab A Listen is hosted by Lewis & Gibby, two high-energy, amusing podcasters. Joining the guys is Lizzy a knowledgeable and passionate Habs fan who brings that extra flare to an already fiery podcast.

This week’s topics:

Segment 1: Habs Hot Start

• Should Marc Bergevin allow the kids to play and ride out the hot start or should the GM make a trade to strengthen the roster by adding a significant piece?

Segment 2: Bad Habits

• How to change bad habits that have crept into the Habs game early on in the season?

Segment 3: Around the NHL

• What are Connor McDavid’s true capabilities? Are the Vegas Golden Knights having a hangover season or will they bounce back?

Segment 4: Weekly Sports Picks

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