Geoff Molson (Photo by Joel Lemay / Agence QMI)

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Geoff Molson and Marc Bergevin had a meeting recently and Lewis and Gibby speculate what was said. They also discuss if the full confidence Molson has in Bergevin is a good thing or bad thing for the Habs.

Charlie Lindgren had a phenomenal start to his NHL/Canadiens career but with has recently started to struggle. Lewis and Gibby break down what they see from the young netminder.

With the end of the regular season upon us the Hart Trophy candidate discussion has finally commenced. Lewis and Gibby discuss if a Hart winner has to be a player on a team in playoffs or if anyone should be in discussion to win.

Real Life with Gibby and Lewis, a recently-introduced segment, has become one of the funnier parts of the podcast. The two give one another a real life scenario and see what they would do in that situation. Check out the podcast to see what scenarios they have this week for each other.

Weekly Sports Picks has become a fan favourite segment where Lewis and Gibby battle it out weekly to see who will be victorious at the end of the NHL season. Tune in this week to see how the two did on last weeks picks!

Check out a new episode of Hab A Listen every Wednesday, where Lewis and Gibby discuss Habs news, Habs rumours, anything Habs, and also discussing NHL league news. They have miscellaneous sports news as well, tune in and “Hab a Listen”!

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