Max Domi (Photo by TVA Sports)

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Free Agent Frenzy began on July 1st. There have been a lot of signings and a lot of players finding new homes in new places. Lewis & Gibby discuss who has signed where, their contracts, and whether it is a good deal that will benefit the team and player as well.

As we know, July 1st has come and gone. Fortunately/unfortunately (depends your take) the Habs steered cleared of the big ticket signings. However, they did make some signings to better the the Laval Rocket. Listen to who the Habs signed, their impact on the team, and whether we think it is a good signing.

A lot of turmoil in Habs Nation and the fans. Is it a rebuild? Is it a retool? What is it? Lewis & Gibby discuss the habs direction and where the team is going, whether the team this year is better than last year, they end off with a public service  announcement to the Habs Fans regarding their take on the current state of the team.

Check out a new episode of Hab A Listen every Wednesday, where Lewis & Gibby discuss Habs news, Habs rumours, anything Habs, and also discuss NHL league news. They have miscellaneous sports news as well, tune in and “Hab a Listen”!

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