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What is the mission of All Habs?

“To build a world-wide network of Montreal Canadiens fans who are informed, engaged, entertained and connected.” — All Habs Network mission statement We are well aware that Habs fans are everywhere. We initiated PlanetHabs.com as a way of uniting Canadiens … Continue reading


Why is All Habs designated as a hockey magazine?

First time readers notice that we are called All Habs Hockey Magazine. That’s deliberate — we have assembled a huge amount of exclusive, original content in a digital magazine format. Unlike other websites, you can browse through categories all the … Continue reading


What will I find here?

Whether you are looking for in-depth features, game previews and reviews, headline and game day news, fan-focussed pieces, the latest video, or official news releases, you can find it all at All Habs. It’s comprehensive hockey coverage and you can … Continue reading


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What makes All Habs unique?

Variety and diversity You’ll notice a remarkable amount of variety written from diverse perspectives. We try to have something for everyone. A source you can trust If you are looking for a website that would rather be right than first, … Continue reading