by Blain Potvin, Staff Writer, All Habs Hockey Magazine

HMCS MONTRÉAL at sea—-In this series we will focus on hockey and its ability to unify Canadians everywhere, especially those who serve in our Armed Forces while overseas.  And to show this, sailors on the HMCS Montreal will be profiled so that they can provide that unique perspective.  

The subject of this profile is Naval Communicator Leading Seaman Gillian Good.  Despite being a relatively new Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Member, she has travelled and excelled in her trade of choice.  She has been an avid hockey fan and enjoys the camaraderie that it provides. 

Where are you from? 

Brockville, Ontario

How long have you been in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)? 

Just over four years 

Why did you choose to join the RCN? 

I wanted to travel and see the world, and challenge myself to new experiences! 

What is the highlight of your career thus far? 

My career is still young, but it has to be working with some amazing people and creating a caring and supportive Navy family. 

How long have you been a Habs fan? 

I only cheer for Canadian teams, and the Habs are hands down the best one we have! 

What made you choose the greatest franchise ever as your team? 

Looking back this year for Canada 150 and the 375th anniversary of Montreal, you can’t deny the importance of Montreal the city and the Habs in Canadian history! 

While aboard HMCS MONTRÉAL are you able to watch your team? 

Thank goodness that catching the game is a priority… nothing like watching the game in the cave (main lounge) of HMCS Montreal with all the Master Seamen and below. 

What lengths do you go to see them while deployed? 

 I would gladly stay up my entire off watch! 

How do you keep up to date on the team? 

There are some die-hard fans on board who make sure that everyone is kept up to date with scores and updates. 

Do you feel more of an attachment to the ship as the namesake of your team? 

Definitely, I think we can all be proud to serve on HMCS Montreal and cheer on the Habs.  For me there is a really strong connection. 

What is your favorite Habs memory? 

 I have an absolutely amazing Habs Christmas sweater that I wore to our Men’s Christmas dinner. It was a huge hit and I’m so glad I could share my love of the Habs with everyone! 

Why is hockey an important part of your life on the ship? 

It’s a way for us to bond as a crew… watching the game, talking about our favourite teams, and hopefully catching a game in the cave. It’s the little things that add to morale when you’re at sea! 

Does hockey help you to feel more connected to family, friends, country while on missions/out to sea? 

Absolutely, especially going into the playoffs. There is so much friendly trash talking and sharing on social media. Even though we’re not at home we can still be a part of it! 

Do you ever engage in some friendly ball hockey or other such activities with the ship/shipmates? 

I’m strictly a spectator! 

Why do you believe hockey is the greatest sport? 

I’m so proud to be Canadian and serve my country, and hockey is such a huge part of our identity and history.  From Wayne Gretzky to Sidney Crosby so many of our great athletes are hockey players. 


For anyone making a trek to Montréal to experience the city during the NHL playoffs and wishing to visit a Canadian Warship, the HMCS Montréal will be visiting the old port of Montréal between May 12 – 21, 2017 as part of the city’s 375th Anniversary Celebrations.

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