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No Hockey? I Beg to Differ

All summer long fans of the National Hockey League have been dreading the thought of having to go through another lockout, but with midnight having now passed and the NHL and NHLPA having not come to an agreement (not even close), the lockout is no longer nightmare to fear but a reality to live with… Continue reading

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Is a Lockout Inevitable?

With the National Hockey League (NHL) less than one week away from officially being in a lockout state, both the NHL owners and National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) met again this Friday in an attempt to reach an agreement… Continue reading

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Living in the Cap Age

The past few off-seasons have had Montreal Canadiens fans really learning what it is to cheer for a team in the age of the salary cap. Last year, the door to the vault of the bank was wide open and plenty of money was on the table for Bob Gainey to spend on the free agent market. This allowed the Habs organization to make the acquisitions of such key players as Mike Cammalleri, Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta to name a few.

This past year, the situation was a little different for Pierre Gauthier, money being much tighter, and we saw our beloved Habs in a position that didn’t allow them to do too much, yet they somehow were able to make a few moves that could be promising. Continue reading

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