Canadiens vs Penguins: Goaltending ‘Careys’ the Habs to First Win

If you are a Habs fan, better still a Carey Price fan, it was a very good night. Price was otherwordly in the Canadiens goal, making 36 saves. Several left Penguins snipers celebrating prematurely or shaking their heads as they exited the playing surface.

Habs vs Leafs: Regular Season Opens with Pre-season Performance

Has the season started yet? It seemed so. The Leafs trotted out their alumni, even someone who had played one full season in Toronto. In a touching video, with stops in each province, tears from Leaf fans since 1967 were gathered and used to flood the Air Canada Center ice.

Canadiens vs Islanders: Habs Cruise to a ‘W’ in Final Pre-Season Tune-up

"What got into Cammy? It seems so out of character for him to react like that." The quote, from the person seated next to me, seemed to sum up prevailing opinion about the incident. Mike Cammalleri, seemingly unprovoked, went after Islanders prospect Nino Niederreiter high-sticking him and then slashing him twice on the back of the leg.

Sabres vs Canadiens: Back to the Drawing Board for Special Teams

After Thursday night's game, I received an email from Jeff, one of our loyal readers. He included a quote which he copied from the commentariat (to borrow a Boone phrase) at Habs Inside/Out. I'm told it was a reply to the latest battle-cry, "Dump Auld. Sign Gerber."

Senators vs Canadiens: Kostitsyn, Mayer lead Habs to Win

On their second shot on goal, the Ottawa Senators took a 1-to-0 lead early in the first period. Deja vu? Fortunately, Alex Auld was spared the wrath of the Bell Centre fans. He wears number 35 on his sweater, not 31.

Bruins vs Canadiens: Look Past the Noise for the Game Story

Missed the game last night? In trying to catch up, maybe you read that the Canadiens number one goaltender was horrendous and solely responsible for the team's weak showing in their first exhibition game. Move on from that publication. The story isn't accurate.

What to Watch for as Habs Begin Pre-season

Mitch thinks all the attention given to training camp scrimmages and exhibition games is silly. Like his mentor, Red, he doesn't darken the door of the press box for exhibition games. Brian doesn't see much in the new Canadiens roster to be excited about, writing that he sees the team missing the playoffs by 7-to-10 points. He is so unenthused that most of his piece focuses on a "hero" who was last in uniform for the Habs four months ago, on May 24.

Blackhawks-Flyers: Philly is Back in the Series with OT Win

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Flyers-Blackhawks: Chicago’s Cup Grip Tightens

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Flyers-Blackhawks: Last Goal Wins

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