MONTREAL, QC. — The name Brandy Saturley will be familiar to our regular readers; All Habs Hockey Magazine published a feature on her titled “Up Close with Brandy Saturley: Red, White and Dryden.” Saturley is a brilliantly talented Canadian artist who is able to capture the emotion, spirit and humour of those of us who call this country our home. For Habs fans, her piece marrying the Canadian flag with Ken Dryden’s ‘pretzel’ mask is stunning and brings back memories of the glory years. It was featured at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2012.

For hockey fans (and even those who aren’t)  in Western Canada, and those who are planning a trip to Edmonton between now and the end of January, you have the perfect opportunity to take in a new exhibition of Saturley’s work titled #ICONICCANUCK. The show will highlight 13 paintings of a series of 35 pieces, painted between 2010 and 2013.

Here’s how Saturley describes what you will see:

#ICONICCANUCK – Artist Statement

“Iconic” characterized by ‘fame’, culturally someone or something admired as an icon.

“Canuck” an affectionate, friendly or patriotic slang term for Canadian people, when used by Canadians.

Goalie's Mask: Red, White & Dryden "Iconic" by Brandy Saturley
Goalie’s Mask: Red, White & Dryden “Iconic” by Brandy Saturley

This series began in 2010, during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. The energy and enthusiasm of the city, Canadian patriotism, poking fun at ourselves and the stereotypical symbols of Canadiana being broadcast over the airwaves to millions around the world had me beaming and questioning. What is a Canadian? What does it mean to be Canadian? When you think of Canada, what images come to mind? I posed the question on social media and #iconiccanuck was born.

This body of work brings into view a broad range of Canadian cultural Icons. Personalities, pastimes, symbols and the landscape, as depicted through my social commentary on being a ‘Canuck’. Symbolic and peppered with my personal brand of quirky Canadian humour, these pieces are my love letter to Canada.

Included in this exhibition is a painting yet to be unveiled, it is a collaboration between myself and Iconic photojournalist from San Francisco, Ray ‘Scotty’ Morris. Scotty sent me a copy of his award-winning photograph so that I could use it as reference in creating a piece telling my story about the trade of Iconic hockey player Wayne Gretzy to the LA Kings.

An echo of POP art mixed with magic realism and precisionism. I have come to refer to the work as, ‘Canadian POP art’. Artist’s Georgia O’ Keeffe (USA), Llyn Foulkes (USA) and Alex Colville (CAN) are inspirations. ~ Brandy Saturley

The exhibition is located at the Visual Arts Alberta Gallery in Edmonton running from December 5, 2013 to January 25, 2014.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you will see..


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