By Steve Farnham,

MONTREAL, QC. — The Montreal Canadiens are into their fourth pre-season game tonight facing the Minnesota Wild, and after one period, the score is tied 1-1.  People can breathe and relax, Carey Price is not playing tonight, and I say that with all the sarcasm I possibly can, as I’ve been very clear about my views on the Carey Price situation.  I can’t believe I’m even saying there’s a situation…

Sure his stats are awful after 90 minutes played but who cares, it’s pre-season, it doesn’t count, and all that matters is that he gets into game shape and finds his game for the start of the season.

If he hasn’t found his game and we are 10 games into the season, I might agree then that there’s something to worry about but it’s much too soon for people to be acting the way they are in his regards, and none of this player bashing is helping the situation both for Carey Price and the rest of the team.

In hopes of relieving some tension to this unfortunate situation that has taken over the pre-season atmosphere in Montreal, I bring to you the All Habs crossword puzzle, All Habs mode.  You’ll first go through the questions and the answers will follow below.  Have fun with it, it’s not meant to infuriate anyone!




  1. Not finish, not from Quebec either.  7 letters.
  2. Not Finnish, not from Mexico either.  5 letters.
  3. Fish have them, also swims on the ice.  4 letters.
  4. 2010-11 Montreal Canadiens captain.  6 letters.
  5. Stops functioning at critical moments.  20 letters.
  6. Complete the following sentence, Mike Cammalleri is a:  10 letters.
  7. Incognito.  14 letters.
  8. Most unlikely to be in the lineup this season.  14 letters.
  9. Most likely to be rumored coming to Montreal this season.  10 letters.
  10. Most people want to smack it when they see it.  17 letters.


  1. Has never heard so much crap come out of someone’s mouth.  18 letters.
  2. Rejean Tremblay will be in fury when he’s cut.  10 letters.
  3. Treated completely unfairly so far in pre-season.  4 letters.
  4. Many are upset he is back this season.  12 letters.
  5. Habs fan’s motto.  9 letters.
  6. His name is a color.  5 letters.
  7. Colder then the Arctic Circle.  14 letters.
  8. Creating a fashion statement.  21 letters.
  9. The thorn in the Montreal Canadiens side.  8 letters.
  10. The true number 11 in Montreal?  5 letters.




  1. Pouliot, because he can’t finish the play.
  2. Gomez, he’s American.
  3. Gill, do I really need to explain?
  4. Gionta? Gorges? They both fit… Markov? He fits to… I don’t know anymore but Gionta in the lead…
  5. Benoit Pouliot’s Brain.  I also accept Jacques Martin’s Brain.  Same amount of letters.
  6. Jedi Knight.  Duh.
  7. Pierre Gauthier.  Even Bin Laden has more press conferences then he does.
  8. George Laraque.  Yeah.
  9. Lecavalier.  It’s the same symphony every year.
  10. Max Lapierre’s face.  It’s true.


  1. Gomez’s Shirt Collar.  It’s heard a lot.
  2. Desharnais.  Francois Gagnon will throw a fit to.
  3. 4 letters? The answer is Carey Price people, just make it fit.
  4. Benoit Brunet.  Seriously, what happened there?
  5. Leafs Suck.  Go Habs Go is a close second J
  6. White.  Or Leblanc if you write small.
  7. Pouliot’s stick.  Yes I like to pick on him.
  8. Plekanec’s turtlenecks.  Need I say more?
  9. Habs fans.  Only a small group but it’s loud…
  10. GomezKoivu?  AHhhhh, whatever!


The regular season is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for ideas on what to do for the opening game, I invite you to visit the Habs Tweetup site, as their are currently 4 scheduled tweetups for the start of October!  These events are happening in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and New York city, reserve your spot now!


By the time I finished writing this piece, the Canadiens won the game 4-3.  Although Alex Auld allowed 3 goals on 14 shots, a caller on the CJAD post-game show was shouting high and loud that he wanted the Canadiens to start the season with both Auld and Sanford.  “Price needs to be sent down to Hamilton for some seasoning,” he claimed.  The city has been poisoned…

Price will find his game, I’m very confident of that, and I can only hope that one day, some people realize just how ridiculous they are being right now.  I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Support your team, rally behind your team, “la ville est hockey”, Go Habs Go!


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Born and raised in the Montreal area, Steve is an Associate Editor and Senior Writer at All Habs. Steve started playing hockey at the age of four, played as a goaltender as high as Junior AAA and was drafted to the QMJHL. When he isn’t writing about the Canadiens or twiddling with HTML code on the website, you can usually find him sharing his sarcasm on Twitter where he enjoys the never-ending hockey arguments. Steve also works as an analyst for Rogers Communications and enjoys the fact that his downtown office is only a five-minute walk from the Bell Centre. On the personal side; Animal Planet, poutine, the colour blue, the word ‘weaponized’ and Pepsi are just a few of Steve’s favourite things.


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