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But what if you had another option? Maybe you want to listen to All Habs articles during your daily commute by car or public transit?

To answer those questions, today, we’re launching All Habs OUT LOUD. Just as it sounds, you will be able to listen to your favorite articles by downloading an mp3 file or listening to it right on the site. For now, its a test service with limited offerings. When we are convinced that you like the service, it will be up and running full bore.

To help us evaluate the service, we really would like to hear your comments.

We are very fortunate to have secured the services of a professional Broadcaster and Voiceover Artist to record our articles.  We think you’ll like her dynamic tones that give life to the articles.

Take a look near the top of the red sidebar. That’s where you will find the link for OUT LOUD.

Download and give a listen! And don’t forget to give us your feedback.

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  • Stephane

    I hope the habs pick up their shit.
    last night was embarssing :(
    I know we can
    #habs#gohabsgo#yeshabscan !