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Tomas Plekanec (Photo by: Francois Lacasse/NHL via Getty images)
Tomas Plekanec (Photo by: Francois Lacasse/NHL via Getty images)

LAVAL, QC– Tired of the Semin jokes Habs fans? Get ready cause they will be coming for a year!

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Well Mike, even though the Canadiens acquired Alexander Semin last week, I think Marc Bergevin should continue trying to improve on the offence. There was reports that the Canadiens were close in signing Justin Willams, which I think would have been a great acquisition. There are no longer any free agents remaining that would address therefore the trade market is the way to go now. Patrick Sharp was another name that Bergevin reportedly looked at. I think he would have been a good acquisition because he would have gotten lots of ice time in a top-6 role and on the power play.

The trade market is the way to go now. I won’t name potential targets, I will leave that to the professionals. In order to acquire a top 6 forward, the Canadiens must give up assets with value. I will throw some names out there as potential trade bait: Tomas Plekanec, Jarred Tinordi, Alexei Emelin, Tom Gilbert, and Dustin Tokarski.

Who do you think the Canadiens can shop around to acquire a top-6 forward? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Tomas Plekanec is in the final year of his $5-million per season contract with the Canadiens. I was in the opinion last year, that Plekanec should have been traded before trade deadline. He wasn’t and I am glad that I was wrong. I thought that Alex Galchenyuk was ready for a full time role at center, but the coaching staff thought otherwise. I am certain that this year will be the year that Galchenyuk will become a full time center and that Plekanec will be dealt. Plekanec is one of the few assets that has value and there would be a risk of losing him at the end of the season without getting anything in return.

Assuming that the Canadiens don’t acquire a center in return, Galchenyuk-Eller-Desharnais would be the top 3 centres of the team. If the return of a trade involving Plekanec includes a top 6 forward, it would be a win for the team. Thanks for the question Nathan!

The fan base has absolutely no reason to be afraid that Galchenyuk will soon be traded. With the news of his two-year bridge contract, it is safe to say that Galchenyuk will have lots to prove as he will try to hit the jackpot on his next contract.

On the different social media platforms, people claim that Galchenyuk and Michel Therrien don’t have a good relationship. A couple of seasons ago, those same people claimed that P.K. Subban and Therrien didn’t see eye to eye. Mysteriously, we haven’t heard of that since Subban signed the longest contract in Montreal Canadiens history. Coincidence? You be the judge.

There is no doubt about the fact that Carey Price had a stellar 2014-15 season and carried (no pun intented) the Canadiens during the entire season. He was rewarded by winning the Vezina, Hart, Jennings and Lindsay awards. Without him, where would the Habs have finished in the regular season standings? We’ll never know but it would probably be lower than their 2nd place overall finish with 110pts.

The expectations for the Canadiens goaltender will be very high, but realistically it will be nearly impossible for him to repeat in back to back seasons. That is why I have mentioned several times on the Habs360 podcast and on previous editions of the All Habs Mailbag that Bergevin needs to improve the top-6 forwards in order for them to be a real Stanley Cup contender.

Thanks for the question Stef. For my thoughts on Eller’s role, I invite you to read the July 18th edition of the AllHabs Mailbag.

Tomas Plekanec is a popular subject this week! I don’t know it for a fact, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Plekanec is unhappy with the Canadiens. According to, Plekanec played in 100 different line combinations last season. How can you build chemistry when you play with so many different line combinations?

As mentioned earlier, I think this will be his last season with the Canadiens as he will be one of the players that Bergevin will use to acquire a top 6 forward.

Do you think Price can repeat? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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  1. I honestly don’t believe Plekanec should be traded….Desharnais, perhaps, but not Plekanec. Do we need to trade for scoring? I don’t believe so. Give the kids, like Hudon, Scherbak, Carr, Andrighetto a chance. The real problem here is MT. And don’t give me the vast improvement nonsense. We can thank Carey Price for the 110 pts! Without him, the Habs are not a playoff lock! MT has ruined the confidence levels of too many young players with his constant mind games – Eller, Bournival, Sekac, Andrighetto, Galchenyuk, Thomas. The musical line changes must stop so chemistry can develop. You alluded to that yourself, with regards to Plekanec. Giving Eller more PP time, and OZ starts would help the offense. However, MT is too stubborn a mule for that. I wish I knew what his issue is with Eller….and why he keeps pandering to DD (or is it just because he’s francophone?)

    • I think it would be too much pressure to rely on the kids in a top 6 role right off the bat. When it comes to MT, u need to be fair and mention the young players that have gotten better since MT came back – Subban, Price, Max, Gallagher. Thanks for reading!

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